hello everyone im hemo and i make arts for a living. you might have seen my arts in a couple lil indie games: cronkpit and sabbat v2.  i also have been “published” in gay moon 2k14 (thats the dragon and moon tarot card up there)and jerkcity HD

if you want to see more examples of art than tumblr can fit in its 10 picture limit, my up-to-the-minute accucast art tag is here

at the time of posting i am not accepting large/time consuming individual jobs. anything “medium” or smaller is cool. i will update and reblog this with a notice when this changes in the future.


  1. (tentatively reserved)
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prices are negotiable.

-minecraft skin: $15 

-small or avatar-size pixel: $15 

-medium pixel: $30 

-large pixel: $45 

-small pixel animation: $25

-medium pixel animation: $40

-starbound character : $60
art assets only; assembly required

i can do stuff with a limited palette, or unlimited colors, i can do background scenes or sprites. if you need exact dimensions or colors, please specify. i can also do animated gifs like simple character animations (see user amischiefofmice’s page for some floating characters i did) or full backgrounds.

for all projects i require full payment before work begins. i’ll keep in touch with you through the status of a larger drawing, if you need changes/corrections to be made during or after production it is fine, however especially large revisions may come with a fee. it’s easier to change a drawing in its beginning stages than at the end!

contact: cactusbee(atsign)gmail(dot)com   !!!!!!PLEASE DO NOT NOTE ME ON TUMBLR REGARDING WORK!!!!!! it may become lost. 


  • adult stuff is dependent on what i am comfortable with, please inquire
  • you may commission me to color some lineart of yours. you may also commission me for lineart for you to color
  • please link back to this tumblr if you want to post the finished commission elsewhere
  • if you need something expedited i will tack on a small rush fee - PLEASE let me know this in advance if possible
  • when paying, select SEND AS A GIFT or paypal will withhold money from me
  • refunds are possible if work has to go on hold
  • if you LIKE this post please also consider REBLOGGING it

thank u (。・ω・。)


Paizo Introduces New Trans Woman Iconic for Pathfidner RPG





One of my favorite game companies, Paizo Publishing, just revealed their fifth of six new characters for their new Advanced Class Guide book. Her name is Shaardra and she’s a dwarven trans woman of color!

Oh my gods this is amazing.


holy shit this fucking rules