i am a trans woman. i have a penis, and genital dysmorphia to go with it. i am working class and incredibly poor. my understanding of marx and communist theory is incredibly basic. i have an eating disorder, and alternate between sex work and minimum wage retail to survive. im done harboring respect for people who sneer at my friend’s situations they know nothing about. im done going “well they’re a good person when they’re not sneering at trans men” to my trans men friends. if any of this bothers you:

make a fucking reddit post about it

girlkisser2k14 replied to your post: the trans community on this website is…

i don’t think this is “the trans community” i think this is a very small subset of people (mostly people who were in close proximity to cat)

while it’s true cat’s awful politics made that attitude stronger, i was experiencing it on here long before she was even a thing. like, other trans women sneering at my genital dysmorphia publicly was and is an event that is still in my head fresh as day.

im sorry, im just really worn down.